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Cleaning out your filter

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www.rxplastics.co.nz PO Box 360 Ashburton Phone +64 3 307 9081 Email sales@rxplastics.co.nz JUNE 2016 Whether you are storing, transporting or distributing water or wastewater RX Plastics has the solution for you. With strong supporting brands RX Plastics can assist whatever your requirements. Cleaning Out Your Filter Although your waste water system is serviced on a regular basis, there is one crucial task that you as the occupants of the house should schedule, as part of your regular home maintence. The outlet filter on your waste water system must be cleaned regularly to reduce the stress on your pump, and it helps keep your power bill down too. We recommend cleaning of the filter once a month (1st of each month, as it is easy to remember), so the filter is kept squeaky clean Most modern systems have a filter that looks like this, or is similar to this. How to clean it 1 First switch your system off at the power source 2 To remove the cartridge, hold the bottom of the casing and screw the collar clockwise to undo 3 Rotating the disc cartridge for a minute or two under the garden hose is usually sufficient to clean all the silty residue off the filter (so that the discs spin is best) 4 Put the cartridge back in the the casing and screw back on - hand tight only 5 Remember to switch the power to the system back on! Water Alarm When the 'Water' alarm activates, it is usually because the filter is blocked. The filter should be cleaned immediately the alarm activates, as your pump will be continuously trying to pump water out and cannot. This will cause undue stress, and will possibly shorten the life of the pump. If you clean the filter and the alarm does not go off after half an hour or so, please ring your installer or service agent as there may be a problem. Cleaning your filter

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