A Smart Water controller system for AirTech

August 14, 2013 Phil Gatehouse

RX recently commissioned Auckland-based Smart Water to produce water tank level indicators customised for RX Plastics AirTech 9000 sewage treatment tanks.

As the most innovative sewage treatment system on the New Zealand market, our AirTech 9000 sewage treatment tank systems are unrivalled in the efficiency with which they process domestic sewage and wastewater.

Now available from standard retail distributors of RX Plastics, these highly convenient and efficient systems integrate AirTech systems with the water tanks on your property through the same controller, making for ease of use and functionality. The controller can monitor the water levels of up to five water tanks on your property in addition to the AirTech tank.

From a customer perspective, you simply turn on the wireless device and your tank monitoring will be taken care of. Operating in the same way as the normal Smart Water tank level indicators, these systems involve a simple “plug and play” installation process – the installer can connect power to the AirTech 9000 device by plugging it into a 3-pin plug with a plug pack.

The system will alert you via an alarm if there is a problem and refer you to the AirTech installer information page. The device will also inform how full or empty your tank is.

The indicator is programmed to alert you when the tanks are due for their 6 month maintenance, and will let you know if there are any issues with the tank. Once it’s been attended to by your friendly AirTech maintenance technician and cleared, the system will be reset for the next 6 months.

The systems will sold as standard with all new AirTech tanks and are another exciting development in the stable of products which complement AirTech 9000 systems and RX Plastic products.

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