Bringing farm tech to the backyard with K-Line™ One Pack

March 7, 2016 Phil Gatehouse


K-Line™ One PackIf you’ve ever passed a paddock of pod irrigators and wondered if there was a way that you could have something similar for your garden, we’ve got some good news: introducing the K-Line™ One Pack.

Farm-style Irrigation for your home

RX Plastics have just launched the K-Line™ One Pack: a single K-Line™ pod with 1/2″ Naan sprinkler with a standard 20mm hosepipe tap fitting. This complete watering solution has been designed to be as simple to install and use as possible by simply connecting the included polythene pipe to a tap, uncoiling the pipe and placing in your desired spot before turning on the tap. It really is that easy.

Bringing home the benefits of K-Line™

With it’s use on farms and commercial environments across the world, the K-Line™ pod has forged a reputation for durability and efficiency. The same is true with the One Pack. Its tough blue body protects the Naan sprinkler that sits inside, keeping it flat to the ground and ensuring it irrigates exactly where you need it.

The tried and tested K-Line™ design ensures that the pod can be moved easily without tipping over – no more dragging a sprinkler by its hose only for it point into the earth.

It’s also perfect if you’ve got animals or children – it will deflect a stray football and stand up to being knocked about by the family dog, pet lamb, pig or pony.

Superb irrigation coverage

When it comes to coverage, the One Pack will cover a full circle with a diameter of 24m, or a part circle with a radius of 11m, so it’s perfect for most suburban backyards or around the garden of a lifestyle block. The high angle sprinkler can be adjusted between 5º and 360º ensuring you can get water to where you need it.
In town situations with mains high pressure, the K-Line™ One Pack can also be connected to a standard garden hose and female x quick lock tap adaptor. Pressure rated at 5Bar, it’s perfect for most domestic situations.

Whether you’re storing, transporting or distributing water or wastewater, RX Plastics has the solution for you. Find out more about the K-Line™ One Pack on our product page or Info Hub.


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