K-Line Provides Effluent Dispersal Solution

March 3, 2013 Phil Gatehouse

For dairy farms all over New Zealand, addressing the issue of properly dispersing the significant amount of waste produced by a herd of cows on a daily basis is a major part of their on-farm practice.

K-Line Effluent

Anyone who has witnessed the impact of a herd of cows in a concrete floor dairy shed, or had to wash down those concrete floors after milking twice a day knows that cows produce a lot of effluent – and that effluent needs to be properly managed.

One of the roles of our Regional Councils and the Resource Management Act (RMA) is to ensure that effluent isn’t simply washed into drains and waterways causing issues with pollution and excessive amounts of nitrates in our water supply.

At RX Plastics it became apparent that the technology behind K-Line irrigation could also be used to help address the issue of effluent dispersal, to help ensure farmers meet the requirements of their resource consents.

We developed the K-Line Effluent range to meet the needs of different types of farms, depending on their existing effluent treatment facilities. The sprinkler options in the range provide a choice for farms where liquids and solids have been already efficiently separated through ponds or weeping walls, through to large sprinklers for farms with less access to filtering facilities.

Because K-Line uses a low-pressure system to distribute effluent, it can be used on wet soils, where using another irrigator would result in ponding, runoff or leeching.  This resolves another common problem in effluent disposal: what to do in wet weather.  Because of K-Line’s low-pressure distribution method, it can run on wet ground for 24 hours without resulting in pooling or runoff.

Finally, it is possible for farms to expand without concern over the environmental impact of larger herds.  With a K-Line effluent dispersal system, effluent runoff can be easily and economically managed.

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