Not all black plastic pipes are the same…

October 28, 2015 Phil Gatehouse

The last few months has seen forecast of a dry El Nino Spring and Summer for much of New Zealand and early signs are that these predictions could well be right.Water therefore has never been a more valuable resource, and there’s no better way to get water where you want it than by using pipes by RX Plastics.

We talked last month about provisioning for dry spells with RX Plastics Max Tanks, but it’s easy to forget that the pipe supplying the tanks has got to be as durable and reliable as the place where the water is stored.

A range of sizes for any application

RX Plastics offer pipe in High and Low Density across a range of sizes from 15 to 50mm to suit all rural and lifestyle applications.  Whether you’re using a gravity fed system to stock troughs or require high pressure delivery to a storage head, RX has you covered.

Low density pipe (LDPE) is ideal for those uses where there is a gentle fall or those using a gravity feed, whereas High Density (HDPE) is more suited to applications that require pressure pumps. HDPE pipe is capable to delivering water to a 250m head (25Bar), so is ideal for high pressure situations.

Secured water supply

The great thing about using pipe to move water is the security of supply; unlike water races where up to a third of all water passing through them may be lost -usually due to leaks or absorption – pipe offers a robust alternative.  With UV stability and pipe joiners at every 200m, PE pipe offers low-maintenance reticulation solution.

A robust, low maintenance solution

Another advantage of PE pipe is its ability to weather harsh New Zealand conditions, particularly when installed in-ground.  With 20mm pipe upwards featuring a 3.3mm wall, if placed sub-surface RX plastic pipe is frost resistant in winter and remains cool in the summer.

Isolation from thermal extremes is particularly important to retain pipe performance, as pressure rating of each pipe decreases as the temperature rises. In pipes which are not always full, this is even more of an issue, so burying the pipe can ensure optimum performance and less maintenance.

So if you’re in the market for black pipe, remember they’re not all the same. Check out the full pipe range on the RX Plastics website.

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