RX Pump Chambers for Hillside Wastewater

October 22, 2015 Phil Gatehouse

Most of us, especially those who live somewhere with a reticulated sewer system, understandably don’t really give wastewater much thought. However if you live in a property on a steep gradient it may not be possible to rely on the usual gravity fed wastewater system.

While most properties in New Zealand can be serviced using mains drainage or with a traditional contained wastewater system or septic tank, if a dwelling is below the main sewer line or its treatment system, grey and blackwater will need to be pumped.

Pump Chamber Construction

RX plastics have used their expertise in adapting some of the components from their AirTech™ and Septic tank systems for use as pump chambers for this very purpose.

RX Plastics pump chambers are made from high strength polyethylene with a thick outer construction. This allows them to be installed in tricky soils like heavy clay without the tank being prone to distortion, cracking or collapsing. Their round geometric shape also allows for maximum strength under compression while also offering the advantage of anti-flotation for wet areas.

Unlike concrete tanks, plastic pump chambers are virtually earthquake proof as they will go with earth movements rather than cracking. Being lighter and easier to handle, plastics tanks are also easier to install on site – a real advantage when working on steep hill or cliffside properties.


If installed in a subdivision, one pump chamber would be installed per property, appropriately sized for the particular dwelling occupancy (based on number of bathrooms or bedrooms). The pump chamber is supplied and installed with an external 100mm PVC waste pipe connection to receive wastewater from the property, which in turn is moved to the treatment unit usually by a submersed grinder pump.

Pump chambers can also be particular useful for servicing rural ancillary buildings that may be away from the main septic system, such as smoko rooms, ablution blocks or non-permanent dwellings like shearers’ quarters.

Pump chambers, unlike septic tanks and treatment units are not designed for storage, merely for holding wastewater before it is pumped to a secondary location. As such they can be used for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications where wastewater or effluent needs to be collected for pumping to a treatment system.

If you think you need a pump chamber for your wastewater treatment, get in touch with RX Plastics who will help find the solution best for your requirements.

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