Updated Farm Water Tanks Offer New Advantages

September 9, 2015 Phil Gatehouse


New Zealand certainly is a land of contrasts, and extremes in our weather perhaps typify this: we’re either inundated with floods or suffering under what seems like interminable droughts.

As such, water management is vitally important for any rural enterprise, from small lifestyle blocks to large high country stations.

Efficient and intelligent water harvesting and storage can make a difference to stock welfare, productivity and the bottom line.

At RX Plastics we’re keen to explore new ways in which we can use technology to help us with this most basic need. And whilst you may think a tank is just somewhere to passively store water, it’s much more than that. A tank needs to be able to be durable and easily monitored too.

Our comprehensive selection of tanks have a wide range of applications, whether it’s storing, transporting or distributing potable or waste water, or if there’s a need for efficient storage of perishables such as molasses or wine.

With this in mind, we’ve made some recent changes to our 30,000 litre tank moulds that we think are going to be beneficial to our customers. Whilst were still using the same construction methods and polyethylene, we’ve added a few new features.


improved-manholeThe appearance of our large tanks has been modified, ensuring their practicality and durability. A new raised manhole ensures that any material that is present on the tank lid cannot be washed into the tank via the tank access. It also means that if the tank is being used to store wine air can be evacuated.

New Configuration

A new configuration to the top of the tank gives a more stable platform to mount a traditional rod and float water level, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of new smart water meters using wireless technology.

Smart Water Level Meters

Being able to monitor water levels wirelessly is hugely advantageous in many situations. If you’re located in hill country, or areas with bush cover, it may be difficult to visually monitor a traditional level.

Wireless technology removes these barriers and as meters can also be linked, it is also possible to monitor up to eight tanks at up to 8km away. Now that cuts out having to jump on the quad to check the water levels!

Security Improvements

tie-down-lugsWe’ve also made some changes to make the tanks more secure. We’ve redesigned the tie down lugs for anchoring – perfect for high wind areas or if you have stock that like to get up close and personal to your water tanks!

Water Reserves

Another neat feature that we’ve incorporated is a water reserve. This ensures peace of mind and gives you the chance to arrange a tank fill before it runs empty. Under normal operation water is drawn 400mm from the tank bottom, but the reserve allows this to be switched to lower level outlet.

Outlet Sizes and Fittings

Talking of outlets, we’ve designed the tanks to be equipped with a variety of outlet sizes, from standard 50mm up to 4-inch. These can also be adapted for fire brigade coupling, allowing large tanks to be used for fire fighting if necessary.

No matter your application, RX Plastics have the tank solution to suit. Check out our Information Hub for more details.

About the Author

Still rivers run deep with Phil, our technical product manager. He is a hands-on kinda guy who has been known to not only get out on the farm to demonstrate products to our customers, but also to turn his considerable skills to whipping up a company brochure or designing a piece of software when the occasion demands it.

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