Big K-Line pods prove a success for effluent and irrigation

September 13, 2016 Phil Gatehouse

Big K-Line pods have been given the nod as an irrigation unit as well as effluent disposal. 

The normal K-Line pods are seen widely across South Island farms, but if you see the larger pods with the lavender sprinkler, you know that effluent is being spread.

Large pods can also be used for irrigation however, which means that a bigger more powerful sprinkler is used, and the pods can be spread much further apart.

For irrigation of tall crops there is the pod with the extended height sprinkler, which was designed for use during the lifespan of a maize or corn crop, but can also be used for other tall crops where water needs to go over the top, and even potentially for frost management.

About the Author

Still rivers run deep with Phil, our technical product manager. He is a hands-on kinda guy who has been known to not only get out on the farm to demonstrate products to our customers, but also to turn his considerable skills to whipping up a company brochure or designing a piece of software when the occasion demands it.

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