Irrigation is the key to New Zealand’s future

July 12, 2016 Phil Gatehouse

RX's Tony Atwool and Phil Gatehouse discuss the recent irrigation conference held in Oamaru, highlighting the reality that new irrigation schemes have opened up new areas of the country that weren't previously irrigable. 

Many of those areas are hill country, which means a new approach to irrigation  - away from centre pivots and travelling irrigators needs to be considered.

Issues including preventing runoff, ensuring sufficient pressure, irrigating to deficit (not saturating a paddock to field capacity which then creates issues when it rains) were discussed, with farmers learning new expertise required to irrigate this kind of terrain.

The RX Plastics G-Set fixed irrigation system is designed to work well on more challenging country, where centre pivots and other options are not realistic or safe.


About the Author

Still rivers run deep with Phil, our technical product manager. He is a hands-on kinda guy who has been known to not only get out on the farm to demonstrate products to our customers, but also to turn his considerable skills to whipping up a company brochure or designing a piece of software when the occasion demands it.

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