RX Plastics Wine Storage and Fermentation Tanks

February 18, 2016 Phil Gatehouse

RX Plastics has a great range of new PE (polyethylene) tanks for wineries, providing a lightweight, flexible and robust alternative to stainless steel tanks.

These tanks are designed to resist acts of nature including earthquakes, high winds and more, with built in seismic restraints to enable tanks to be firmly fastened.

Polyethylene is a safe and inert material which makes it ideal for wines as there is no impact on the taste of the product, and the tanks are easily cleaned between seasons.

Read more about our wine tanks here

About the Author

Still rivers run deep with Phil, our technical product manager. He is a hands-on kinda guy who has been known to not only get out on the farm to demonstrate products to our customers, but also to turn his considerable skills to whipping up a company brochure or designing a piece of software when the occasion demands it.

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